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Beyond the consultancy and planning, with our experienced professionals, we offer you the mechanical and electrical installation of new and converted plants for water purification, wastewater and exhaust air treatment and chemical supply.

All plant components as well as the entire line system will be expertly installed within the plants and on all on-site connections. For increased security - especially when using chemicals – we offer an alternate version with double-walled safety pipework. We also carry out the complete electrical installation of your systems and integrate them into the control system.

In order to reduce the assembly time on site, the plants can be mechanically and electrically preassembled in our production hall on request. Once approval is given, they are disassembled, packed and safely transported to their destination. This is followed by the setting up of the system and the carrying out of outstanding works depending on the pre-assembly degree. In the upgrade and modification of existing systems, a significant downtime reduction is possible due to pre-assembly. Even in the case of new constructions, pre-assembly decisively reduces the required assembly time and the on-site costs.