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Exhaust air treatment

Exhaust air treatment

Exhaust air scrubbers are used to clean the exhaust air produced during different processes. Depending on the ingredients, different cleaning systems are used. The standard includes wet scrubbers which are operated with an alkaline, acidic or neutral cleaning medium. Depending on requirements, UV irradiation systems are also used, for example, in the treatment of volatile carbon compounds.

The cleaning action is carried out in one or more purification chambers which can be arranged horizontally or vertically. Within the purification chamber, the exhaust air is sprayed with the cleaning medium in the counter-current system. Additionally, fillers which are also located in the purification chamber and are made of resistant plastic, ensure the increase of the active surface.

Tailored to your individual needs, we offer everything for the professional exhaust air treatment from individual components to complete plants. We use state-of-the-art  control and monitoring technologies; all  important information about operating conditions and measurement results are available at any time.

  • NOx exhaust air
  • Acidic exhaust air
  • Alkaline exhaust air
  • Unloaded exhaust air