Dr. Kornder has switched!

Dr. Kornder has switched!

Since July 2012 Dr. Kornder purchases its electricity from the German electricty provider naturstrom. This means: we are using 100% green electricity and support the development of renewable energy sources.

Wir arbeiten mit naturstrom

2012 - Der Kindergarten freut sich über eine Spende von 500 €

2012 – The nursery school celebrates a donation of 500 €

Brigitte Spatz-Greifenstein (l.) nimmt dankend das Spendenschwein 2011 entgegen - stellvertretend überreicht von Dr. Erika Kornder (r.)

Brigitte Spatz-Greifenstein (l.) gratefully receives the donation piggy bank from Dr. Erika Kornder (r.)

Dr. Erika Kornder besuchte persönlich die Schule am Schwarzwasser für die Spendenübergabe

For handing over the donations, Dr. Erika Kornder visited the School „Schule am Schwarzwasser“

Handing over of donations on March 27th, 2012 - „Privater Kindergarten e.V." and „Schule am Schwarzwasser" in Ahe

This year, the donations from Dr. Kornder and our customers, suppliers and friends were designated designated two institutions in Ahe: the „Private Kindergarten e.V." as well as the School „Schule am Schwarzwasser".

During the company’s carnival celebration 2012 510 Euros were collected as donations. Dr. Kornder rounded this amount up to 1000 Euros.

On March 27th, 2012 managing director Dr. Erika Kornder visited both institutions with two checks for handing them over personally.

„We will invest these funds in our tradition care“, Brigitte Spatz-Greifenstein, manager of the nursery school, described her plans. Like this year, with the collected funds the nursery school plans to make it possible for its children and their parents to participate in Ahe’s Rose Monday Parade. In the last year, during Dr. Kornder’s carnival celebration 2011 also 500 Euros were collected for the same purpose and donated to the nursery school.

The primary school “Schule am Schwarzwasser“ has also specific plans with the donated funds. “We would like to renovate our climbing frame. Therefore a donation of 500 Euros is very helpful.” Said Christoph Lützenkirchen, director of the primary school and thanked all donors.

The company Dr. Kornder also says thank and looks already forward to the next donation campaign.